Mother of Murdered Toddler Will Serve Probation for Part in Death

The mother of a murdered east county toddler will serve only probation for her part in the little boy’s death.

The defendant, Renee Fournier, was allowed to plead to a misdemeanor Tuesday instead of the felony she originally pleaded to.

That’s because she gave valuable testimony against her boyfriend, Brett Brown, who was convicted last month for the murder of 20-month-old Lucas Orlando.

Fournier also completed all court-ordered classes and community service. The prosecutor, Chantal de Mauregre, said Fournier did more class work and community service than was required by law.

Fournier was ordered to serve four years’ probation, with no time in custody, as agreed to by the prosecutor and Fournier’s attorney.

But Judge Jeffrey Fraser said he will end that probation term early if Fournier avoids trouble with the law.

“I think you had to suffer through one of the most horrific things that any human being [Brown] can do. I think, quite frankly, you’re going to prove to be a model probationer and I don’t think we’ll ever see you back here,” Fraser told the defendant.

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