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Mother Left with Questions After Daughter Killed in High-Speed Crash

The mother of three young children is dead after police say she slammed her car into a block wall at 100 mph in Oak Park.

The San Diego County Medical Examiner has identified her as 33-year-old Maeshia Dixon.

For two days now, family members and friends have been coming by the accident scene to drop off well wishes, a wreath of roses and balloons.

Dixon’s mother, Andrea Ladson, came by for the first time just Monday evening and was overcome by the love and support.

Ladson texted her daughter before church Sunday morning and learned afterward that Maeshia had died just hours before.

"Shocked, discouraged. I don't know, I just couldn't believe it. That's my only child” Ladson said.

Maeshia was the mother of three young children between the ages of 10 and 15. She was a hairdresser by trade but picked up odd jobs like flower arranging to make ends meet.

Her kindness and positive outlook were infectious.

"Her talent, her smile. Just being around her,'' Ladson said.

Just before 2 a.m. Sunday morning, Dixon was driving southbound on 54th Street before she lost control of her white Nissan Maxima, swerved into a utility pole then crashed into a concrete block wall.

Investigators estimate her speed at 100 mph.

"It takes day by day. I’ll try to be strong about it. I don't know," Ladson said.

Dixon's death leaves a giant hole in the hearts of many people. Many came to the scene of the accident Monday seeking answers and comfort.

"It's not just me loving her. Everybody loved her," Ladson said.

The future for her three young children is uncertain. Minus their mother but surrounded by loving family.

"I will always continue to be the Grandmother or the Mother to them. As long as I have the Lord's faith, I'll be all right," Ladson said.

Why Dixon was driving at that speed and where she was coming from is unknown. Friends say she was likely on her way home.

From 54th she would be turning left onto Haniman Drive which is the intersection where she crashed.

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