Mother Defends Molestation Suspect

Santee resident Jeannie Holloway can't believe the accusations against her 24-year-old son, Aaron Zendejas. 

"My son never did anything to little kids -- he's good with kids," Holloway said. 

Zendejas faces several charges including kidnapping, child molestation and child pornography. San Diego police detectives said they got a tip that Zendejas, an East County babysitter, was molesting children in his care. Detectives said they collected evidence from a cell phone and computer belonging to Zendejas. 

"They uncovered items of child pornography and pictures depicting child molestation," police Lt. Rick O'Hanlon said. 

Investigators believe Zendejas was paid to bring children to pedophiles so they could be photographed and molested. They also said they are looking at other possible suspects. 

Holloway said she believes that if her son is involved, it wasn't by his choice and he could have been framed.  

"They told him to do it -- 'I'll kill your parents or I'll kill whoever that you know,' " Holloway said. 

Holloway said she will continue to defend her son. 

"He has a heart," Holloway said. "He would do anything for anybody, take the shirt off his back -- that's how good he is. He's not a monster." 

Investigators said they're still trying to identify the alleged victims, who range in age from 3 to 10 years old. Police are asking anyone who may have used Zendejas as a babysitter to call the police immediately. 

Zendejas' bail has been set at $500,000.

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