5 of the Most Viewed Video Clips on NBC 7 San Diego for 2018

Video is our bread and butter here at NBC 7. In 2018, we had many stories where video was the focal point but these five clips were the most compelling of the year.

5. Motorcycles Close I-8

The year started off with hundreds of motorcyclists shutting down a San Diego freeway to perform tricks in the middle of the road. Video of the Jan. 14 incident on eastbound Interstate 8 in Mission Valley was one of the most viewed clips of that month.

Hundreds of motorcyclists shut down a San Diego freeway to perform tricks in the middle of the road, causing at least one crash Sunday, officials confirmed.  

4. 'Miracle' Landing 

"You don't see this every day" could be heard on the video that captured the emergency landing of a private plane on Interstate 8 in October. A couple heading to a routine medical appointment caught the moment on their phone while their child in the backseat warned them "Watch out for the airplane!" no one was injured in the plane or on the highway. Amazing. Even if you have seen this video, it's worth a second look.  

3. Mesmerizing Fire

The Holy Fire burning in Riverside and Orange counties was one of more than a dozen large wildfires scorching California on August 8. San Diegans were glued to the video coming from the area that had not burned since the early 1980s. Aerials shot by the helicopter from our sister station in Los Angeles KNBC were among the most popular video clips for the year. 

Schools across San Diego County are preparing for another student walkout planned for Friday.

2. Video Aids in Road Rage Arrest

A mobile phone video led to the arrest of a man accused of road rage after two drivers got into a physical confrontation on State Route 78 in February. The first driver instigated the incident, CHP officers said, however, the second driver was the one facing a felony charge based on his reaction. 

A CHP officer detailed all the things both parties did wrong during a road rage spat on Sr-78 near College Boulevard. NBC 7's Artie Ojeda has more.

1. Surprise in Ocean Beach

"I thought there might be an altercation between the cop and the kids," said one witness to the interaction between a San Diego police officer and some teenagers in Ocean Beach. "Next thing I know I look down and he's on the skateboard." The surprising video clip captured in late February was among the top video clips viewed by NBC 7.com users that month.

NBC 7's Danielle Radin talks to a man who captured a rare moment on his smart phone.
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