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More Tourists Flocking to Mexico This Spring Break

What's drawing them to Baja, despite more than a decade of violence?

After more than a decade of violence in Mexico, spring breakers are beginning to return to Baja California to vacation. 

State officials in Baja say they are finally seeing an increase in tourists after years of security concerns due to drug violence. 

Businesses at the beaches near Rosarito are expecting more than 20,000 people, many of them college students, to arrive this weekend alone.

"Before we came we were all kind of nervous because we heard all kinds of stories," said Samantha, a Nevada college student vacationing in Rosarito with friends. "But it's been very easy, very fun. We love it. We're having a blast!"

Officials say the spike in tourism is due to an increase in spending on advertising that focuses on safety.

Officials added they will be increasing security patrols in tourist areas with the help of both state and federal agencies this Spring Break weekend.

There's also been an increased tourism to San Diego this Spring Break. 

"It's really hard to keep up with everything," said Rafael Martins, merchandise manager at Belmont Park. "It's been insane." 

According to the San Diego Tourism Authority, San Diego County vistor spending was $711 million in February. By March 2017, vistor spending dramatically increased to $901 million. Then it jumped again to $933 million in April 2017. Spring Break usually happens in March or April. 

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