More Record Heat Expected

Another day of record breaking heat expected

Grab the water. If you haven't noticed, it's hot again today.  But chances are it will be even hotter than yesterday. 

High pressure is centered over the Southwest but will start to weaken and shift to the east on Tuesday.

Today's highs should be a degree or to warmer than yesterday's, which saw 6 records tied or broken in the county.

Sunday's Records:

  • El Cajon                       95
  • La Mesa                       95
  • Vista                             93
  • Wild An. Park               96
  • Ramona                       91
  • Lindbergh Field          91

On Tuesday we are expecting a drastic drop in temperatures, especially along the coast.  While today's highs will be in the upper 70s at some beaches, we'll see other coastal areas soar into the 80s and low 90s.  Tomorrow's highs are expected to be anywhere from five to fifteen degrees cooler across the board.

Meantime, in the east county,  the drop will be less dramatic with Tuesday's highs running about 5 degrees cooler than today and then another ten degrees cooler on Wednesday.

Also, don't be surprised to see low clouds and fog move back in by mid to late afternoon at some of the beaches on Tuesday. This happens quite suddenly when intense high pressure moves far enough east to allow the on-shore flow to make a rapid return which pushes the cool, marine air back overland.  These are the types of situations where boaters and surfers often find themselves suddenly caught in a thick fog.

By Wednesday and Thursday we'll be back to normal spring-like weather with morning clouds and fog and coastal highs in the 60s with the valleys remaining mostly in the 70s.

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