Barrio Logan

Monarch School in Barrio Logan Receives Generous $1.5M Donation to Support Center for the Arts

Monarch, a public school that serves nearly 300 K-12 students who are experiencing homelessness, recently received a $1.5 million contribution from an anonymous donor to support the Center for the Arts in Barrio Logan.

The center named, The Chrysalis: Monarch Center for the Arts, will provide dedicated performance and visual arts spaces for the students, their families and the community.

“We are beyond thrilled with this new philanthropic support that will help us complete our Center for the Arts facility renovations, retain arts instructors and collaborate with community arts organizations to begin instruction in the new facility in December," said Afira DeVries, Monarch School’s CEO.

The donation will also go towards the Creative Youth Development Program.

In addition, Monarch said it plans to provide community arts partners and organizations with a much-needed rental space for their own arts programming.

Last September, The Monarch School celebrated the opening of the Center for the Arts with a ceremony. Another grand opening celebration is being planned for spring where Monarch said they will showcase their first annual Monarch Metamorphosis Art Exhibition featuring art from local artists, Monarch students, alumni and staff.

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