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Moms Concerned About Flying Golf Balls Hitting Playground

"It could hit a kid, my son. It could turn out bad if it hits a kid in the head, especially," one mother said

If you live or drive by the Balboa Park Golf Course, flying golf balls can be a hazard. Now, some mothers at a nearby playground say the city needs to do more to protect their children.

Across the street from the golf course on B Street, homeowner Brian Prezlock knows the golf course well as he collects dozens of errant golf balls weekly.

"You can hear it when it's a missed hit. Like I know a bad hit when I hear it now," said Prezlock. "There's a couple of golf ball dings in our cars."

But he is more concerned about the hazards where the neighborhood kids play.

The playground is located on the east side of the nine-hole golf course on 28th Street. The balls sail through or over the fencing around the slides and swings.

"Past the playground and then to that like tree area, that's where their off shots will go," said Prezlock.

Samara Arroyo and her two-year-old son visit that playground often.

"It could hit a kid, my son. It could turn out bad if it hits a kid in the head, especially," said Arroyo.

She's not the only one, Hiromi Efranco, a mother to two kids, has fetched a ball for a golfer before.

Another group of mothers told NBC 7 they have been requesting more netting, especially in the areas not covered by the fencing, but the city has declined to do anything.

When asked about errant balls and potential dangers to children in the playground, a Parks and Recreations spokesperson told NBC 7 the 16-foot fences installed, keep them compliant with the law. The golf course also informs many golfers to play at their own risk because they are liable for any damage or injuries caused by errant balls.

A long-time homeowner told NBC 7 the city used to cover his claims often whenever he reported a broken window or damaged car, but since the new fences have been installed the city has been rejecting them.

NBC 7 is waiting for an updated response from the city of San Diego.

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