Moms Celebrate Two Mother's Days

Mexican holiday is Friday

It is already Mother's Day for many San Diego women.

"We celebrate the Mexican Mother's Day and also on Sunday," said Cynthia Zena who was picking up flowers today at Dave's Flower Box in North Park.

Mexican Mother's Day is May 10th and is celebrated by Hispanic families on both sides of the border.

Gisselle Serano was buying flowers for her mother Guadalupe.

"I tend to give her flowers on Sunday and today," said Serano. "So I want to make her feel special."

Michelle Martin owns the Flower Box and has been a florist for 40 years. She says she has to be ready for every occasion, even if there are two days for moms.

"Both days are very, very busy," said Martin.

Mother's Day is similar to Valentine's Day as far as overall sales but it is not as hectic.

"Valentine's Day is more on one day and Mother's Day is a little bit spread out for us," said Martin.

She says while customers want their loved ones to get their flowers right on Valentine's Day, they don't mind having the flowers arrive early for mothers. Also there are more flowers available this time of year.

"Because we are dealing with springtime and there are more varieties", said Martin.

Gissell Serano wanted the best for her mom, "Just a little something extra for me to show her I appreciate her for all the things she's done for me."

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