Mom & Son Accused of Medical Fraud

Getty Images/Digital Vision

FBI agents arrested two Carlsbad residents on charges of medical fraud.

Margie Milisitz, 58, and her 36-year old son John Milisitz were arrested Thursday and charged with mail fraud and interstate transportation of stolen property.

The mother and son are accused of of submitting false invoices to the hospital where Margie Milisitz worked.

According to agents, the pair billed nearly $400,000 to the Baltimore Washington Medical Center in Maryland

The invoices were made payable to two fake telecommunications companies established by John Milisitz, agents said.

Investigators say it's not surprising that the suspects in this case were mother and son.

"It's not unusual when you're talking about fraud cases, for the co-conspirators to be trusted friends or sometimes relatives also," said Darrell Foxworth, Special Agent FBI. ""You want to make sure that you have a small group of people. The less people that know about the fraud and how it's being committed, the longer it can go on."

The two were arrested by federal, state and local police at their home on Saltgrass Avenue around 7 a.m. Thursday. They are being held at the downtown jail.

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