Mom Sees Daughter Hit Head-on by Racing Car

Her mother saw the whole thing.

A Chula Vista woman died Sunday from injuries she suffered in a head-on collision in Ramona.

Alexandria Drake, 25, was driving along State Route 67 around 11 a.m. with her baby in the backseat. She was following her mom, Pamela Shone McKeirnan of Ramona, who was driving ahead in a separate car.

A Jaguar driving northbound lost control and crossed lanes into oncoming traffic on State Route 67 at Quail Rock.

The Jaguar first struck McKeirnan’s car forcing it to spin around and face the opposite direction just in time McKeirnan to see the car slam head-on into the car carrying her daughter and grandchild. The driver of the Jaguar was traveling between 75 and 100 mph at impact, officers said.

Drake’s car flipped onto the driver’s side and struck a tree. Paramedics took her to Palomar Medical Center by ambulance.

Drake died from her injuries just before 4 p.m., according to the San Diego County medical examiner.

The baby was in a car seat and unhurt CHP officers said. The child, described as Baby Jayden on Drake's Facebook page, was born sometime in the last four weeks. Draked posted that she was home from the hospital on March 1.

According to her profile, the new mother had been out shopping for clothes last week after dropping some weight in the last three weeks. Her status update on Saturday celebrated that she could just button her jeans again.

The profile includes a picture of Jayden dressed in a St. Patrick's Day outfit dated March 18. 

The driver of the Jaguar was injured in the crash and was arrested by CHP, accused of racing.

At least two other people were injured.

The driver of a white BMV that was believed to have been racing the Jaguar did not stop. Officers had previously thought the second car was a Mercedes.

Investigators are searching for that driver and are asking anyone with information to call them at (619) 401-2000.

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