MMA Fighter Sues After Not Receiving Winnings

Chris Leben of San Diego said he is owed $90,000 from the World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation

A popular mixed martial arts fighter is suing a company he says didn’t pay him for winning a fight. 

Chris Leben of San Diego said the World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation (WBKFF) owes him $90,000.

In November, Leben came out of retirement to compete in an event his friend, Tomasz Stankiewicz, was putting on through WBKFF. 

"I wanted to compete because I have a young son," said Leben. "I wanted to take that money and put it away for his college and his future." 

According to the lawsuit, Leben was promised $100,000 if he won the fight. He was given a $10,000 up front down payment as part of the agreement. 

Leben said he won the fight but was never paid the amount promised.

"At least I got ten percent but a majority of the fighters in the match got zero," said Leben. "I had 10 different excuses from them where the money was." 

He has now taken WBKFF and Stankiewicz to court for $90,000 plus costs, attorney’s fees and punitive damages for breach of contract, fraudulent deceipt, and intentional misrepresentation. 

Stankiewicz is currently in prison in Illinois for an unrelated case of wire fraud.

A former publicist for WBKFF told NBC 7 on Thursday that Stankiewicz is the only employee still working for WBKFF. 

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