MLB All-Star Week's FanFest Hits a Home Run

This is San Diego's first All-Star Game in 24 years

People flocked to the Gaslamp Saturday night for the MLB All-Star Week's FanFest.

As San Diego prepares to host the game for the first time in 24 years, some major league stars were in town, including Gary Templeton, Steve Garvey and Dave Winfield.

Gwen Stefani's free All Star Weekend concert on the Embarcadero South had fans channeling their inner pop star.

For nine-year-old Sophia Taylor the concert proved to be the perfect birthday gift.

“My mom made it a surprise for me because it's my birthday,” she said. “How awesome is that? It’s very awesome! I’m super excited to see her live!”

[G] MLB All-Star Week 2016 in San Diego

From Gwen Stefani to Steve Garvey the All Star Games return to San Diego proved to be a star-studded affair.

“The city’s really stepping up so it's going to be a crazy weekend and it's good for baseball and the city,” actor Jamie Kennedy said.

Former Padre Gary Templeton felt the love from fans seeking autographs.

"People of SD deserve to have games like this so people around the world can realize San Diego has some of the greatest fans in the world," Templeton said. 

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