Barrio Logan

Mixed Community Reaction on Proposed Hotel in Barrio Logan

The proposed hotel will be located on Newton Avenue and Sampson Street with 80 rooms

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People in Barrio Logan have mixed reactions about an investor who wants to build an 80-room hotel in their neighborhood.

“We want to protect our way of life. Our culture is beautiful, we celebrate each other,” said Rachel Ortiz, Executive director of Barrio Station. "We want them to know that they can't buy in our community."

Ortiz works next door to the space investors are hoping to turn into a hotel. The proposed hotel will be located on Newton Avenue and Sampson Street with 80 rooms. The proposed hotel will be located across the street from family homes where parking is tight, Ortiz said. Residents have to display a permit in order to park on the streets.

“They won’t be able to valet all those cars because we already have permitted parking on the streets,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz said she and several of her neighbors are concerned about deep pockets coming into their neighborhood as it could end up taking away from the people who call the barrio home.

“This is a wonderful older community. It is charming. People take care of their homes,” Ortiz said.

Two blocks away from Newton Avenue is Logan Avenue where a strip of shops, restaurants, and breweries line the street. This is where Cecilia Navarrete owns several shops.

“I think that's great because I feel like that's going to attract new business. At least for us business owners I don't think so much for the residents,” Navarrete said in response to the proposed hotel.

Alexander King, owner of Nativo said, “I think people will be able to respect it more by coming to it and getting to know the area.”

Residents here do fear that big box stores could follow which would then push mom and pop shops out.

The City of San Diego said the area is already zoned for a variety of uses including nonresidential.

NBC 7 has reached out to ask how many jobs the project would create and has yet to hear back.  

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