Did Mitt Romney Spend Inauguration Day in La Jolla?

The former presidential candidate is reportedly living in San Diego

The man who came within just a few states of being inaugurated as President himself today is reportedly in La Jolla.

Former presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney, who owns a beachfront home in La Jolla, has been spending a lot of time in San Diego. And with near perfect weather, who can blame him.

On Monday Romney’s youngest son, with surfboard in hand, left with a friend to catch some waves.

The house, which backs up to the Pacific Ocean - still gets a fair amount of people stopping by to see if they can get a glimpse of the former presidential candidate.

Today, with the inauguration, that curiosity only goes a step further as people are wondering what he's thinking about and doing.

When asked if he'd be watching the inauguration on television, a former aide told an NBC reporter that it was “doubtful.”

We talked with several neighbors who say they've seen family coming in and out of the house periodically since election day, but no one could say for sure whether they've seen Mitt Romney himself.
“It’s been pretty quiet with the holidays and people kind of coming and going,” said Romney’s neighbor Mark Newcomer. “But I have not seen them too much myself.”

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