Mission Beach

Mission Beach Locals Create Clever System to Help Elderly Residents

Using pink and green papers to help determine who needs help, volunteers deliver groceries and assist with errands for those who require it

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Mission Beach residents are coming together with a creative solution to help vulnerable neighbors get through the coronavirus pandemic with their assistance.

Sarah Mattinson, owner of local bakery Olive Baking Company, joined town council members and other residents to pass out helpful papers to elderly neighbors that will notify participants if they require assistance.

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“Green paper in your window – everything’s OK,” she explained to NBC 7. “And pink, with your phone number written on the back, in your window is if you need help.”

The elderly population, like those with autoimmune diseases, are considered high-risk for the contagious COVID-19. They are heavily encouraged to stay indoors for protection and with the community's clever new plan, it is easier for the elderly to do so.

The system is used for non-emergency help like if an elderly neighbor needs groceries or assistance with an errand. It’s no trouble at all for those who are volunteering to help since participants are happy to support their neighbors, according to Mattinson.

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“I just think it’s cool that the locals are coming together and helping each other out,” she said.

Mission Beach locals can pick up the green and pink signs at participating local businesses and those who want to help can just look out for pink signs and assist whomever it belongs to.

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