Neighbors React to Death of Missing Woman

Residents live near Kathy Scharbarth's home in the 3100 block of Via Puerta in southeast Carlsbad.


One day after the body of a missing Carlsbad woman was found, some of her neighbors are asking themselves what more than could have done.

Kathy Scharbarth's direct neighbors, and friends, said they wish they could have prevented the incident that presumably took her life sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning when she went missing from her home in the 3100 block of Via Puerta in southeast Carlsbad.

Though Scharbarth's neighbors had mixed thoughts about safety and where they live, what they all agreed on was that Scharbarth had a warm spirit.

Neighborhood friends said they were hoping Scharbarth would have been found alive, however, Carlsbad police reported Saturday that they had found the 34-year-old’s body in a remote location in San Diego County late Friday night.

"I'm usually out walking late with my dogs, if I had been home Wednesday night, would I have seen something?” asked neighborhood friend, Cheryl McPhearson.

According to those who reside in Scharbarth ‘s neighborhood, residents live in tight quarters, “The way these buildings are built you really hear a lot of what's going on," McPhearson said.

Scharbarth's disappearance was first noted when her current boyfriend, Daniel Weber, went to pick her up for breakfast, on Thursday.

When Weber arrived at the apartment, Scharbarth was gone and he found her 13-year-old daughter asleep inside the home with the door left open.

Police said Weber was the last person to see Scharbarth Wednesday night around 11:30 p.m. when she walked him to his car.

At some point earlier in the evening, a neighbor said a man was lurking outside Scharbarth's apartment.

Scharbarth's next-door neighbor said she felt bad she didn't hear anything and residents who were gone for Thanksgiving said they wish they could have stopped the incident.

“But you can't say what if, because that's always what you think, 'if only I had been there, if only I had seen something, could I have prevented this?',” McPhearson said.

McPhearson is one of Scharbarth's neighborhood friends who said she will have a more watchful eye when she's out walking her dogs in the area.

Meanwhile, others said the incident doesn't change their opinion of the neighborhood.

"I think it's a very safe place,” said resident John Hinton. “This is an isolated incident. You can't keep everybody safe all the time. It's just not possible."

On Friday morning, Carlsbad police arrested Scharbarth's ex-boyfriend  Michael David Robles, 43, for kidnapping and homicide charges related to her case. He was later booked into the Vista Detention Facility with no bail.

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