Missing Therapy Dog Reunited with Marine Vet Owner

A local Marine veteran’s therapy dog that disappeared for four months has been found safe and reunited with her owner.

Animal Services' officials received a call on Thursday morning that Nahla had been found in the San Ysidro area; the residents there said they found the dog as a stray in the area.

Nahla was rescued safe, save for some serious skin issues, fleas and a bit emaciated, but should fully recover.

Fernando Quandt and his wife, Vivian, said they had lost hope they'd ever see their missing dog again.

Even when the got the call from the San Diego County Animal Shelter in Bonita, they were skeptical.

"I don't even think we believe," said Vivian before the reunion. "Since we got the call we feel like we actually need to see her." 

But when Nahla walked up to her human parents Thursday afternoon, she sweetly gave everyone the confirmation they needed.

Nahla appeared overjoyed to be reunited with her owners, covering them in kisses with her tail wagging.

"I almost feel like we're not going to work tomorrow," said Vivian. "We have to stay home and make sure she's still home."

Nahla ran away from the couple’s Chula Vista neighborhood on Christmas Eve while the couple was out of town visiting a sick relative.

The dog helps Fernando Quandt cope with his post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in the Marine Corps and without her he’s lost.

The couple hired a well-known pet detective, launched a Facebook page and started tacking up giant posters in town.

They also regularly checked in with animal shelters and last Saturday, held a vigil in Chula Vista to raise awareness of Nahla’s disappearance as well as that of other missing animals.

"I"m just really happy to have her back," said Fernando.

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