‘This Way' Gets Into Mischif

Mischif's latest video, "This Way," demonstrates why he's the complete package, capable of knocking off any rival

"You always have to keep your woman happy and treat her right or someone will swoop in and take her," 29-year-old San Diego rapper, singer and songwriter Mischif said.

It's the primary idea behind his latest video, "This Way," the lead single from his new album "10," released on Dec. 31.

"The song is inspired by real life situations," he said -- especially from his player days when he "would constantly run into or be dealing with women who have a significant other."

Indeed, and while that's in the past, it serves as the impetus for his artistic present. With the clip employing an easy to follow storyline, as Mischif and a dark-haired lady friend knock off a male rival.

The track itself is a fluid R&B offering backed by Koen's twilight-feel production and stuttering rhythms.

But the major selling point here is the way Mischif brings it all together, as he's not only a triple treat with a unique approach, but he's also an artist with an original sound -- the complete package.

And it most certainly makes for something appealing, fresh and new.

J. Smith, aka 10-19, is a San Diego native, rap fan and San Diego Music Award-winning musician. You can follow him on Instagram at 10-19_the_numberman or on Twitter


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