Minor League Baseball Headed to Escondido

There are mixed opinions today in the North County, following a decision to spend millions of dollars in public money to build a minor league baseball stadium in Escondido.

Some taxpayers now say it's a good investment, and will be a real addition to the cultural and sports life of the North County.   

Others, however, question the city council's decision to issue $50 million in redevelopment bonds to pay for ballpark construction, along with the cost of purchasing the land and making street improvements.

The 7500 seat stadium will be the home playing field for a Triple "A" team owned by current Padres' owner Jeff Moorad and a group of investors.

The city council voted 4-1 Wednesday night to approve the project, which will be built on 15 acres of mostly public land on Spruce Street. The 244,000 square foot park would include a restaurant and retail store.

The team is now called the Portland Beavers, and plays in Oregon.

Construction should start in 2012 and will be ready for opening day in 2013.

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