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Miniature Therapy Horse Stolen From Animal Sanctuary

The beloved mini-horse was helping adults with Autism and veterans with PTSD.

A man is looking for answers after his beloved miniature horse, named "Smokey" was taken from his pen Thursday night. 

Michael Pratt owns the Ferdinand’s Familia & Rescue and Sanctuary Ranch, an animal sanctuary in the Tijuana River Valley near Imperial Beach. 

"I'm sure he's terrified," said Pratt. "It's just really amazingly sad that he's not here right now." 

According to Pratt, he knew Smokey was stolen when he discovered the lock to the gate of the sanctuary had been broken. The door to his pen was open. 

But Pratt says the one most heartbroken about it is Smokey's girlfriend, a white mini-horse named Sol Blanca. 

"There's a real melancholy," said Pratt. "Everyone is very upset." 

Pratt uses Smokey as a therapy horse, to help children, adults with with Autism and veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

"For those whose therapy revolve around contact with Smokey, it's terrible," said Pratt. 

He said the patients are devastated Smokey was taken. 

Pratt said Smokey was most likely taken because he is worth about $5,000. 

Pratt added it is a mystery who could've stolen Smokey. But he believes the heist was premeditated because it was during a storm when it was noisy outside and no one was around. He is asking for the public's help finding him. 

Smokey is about 2 feet 1 inch tall. He is black with shades of red in his mane. 

A police report was filed. If you know anything, call the San Diego Police Department. Or contact the sanctuary directly. 

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