San Diego

Mini-Van Driver Suffers Medical Emergency, Crashes: PD

The driver of a mini-van suffered from a medical condition and veered off the road in Encinitas, according to San Diego County Sheriff's Deputies (SDSO).

The three family members in the car said the driver’s head rolled backwards and he passed out at the time of the accident, according to authorities. 

According to SDSO Deputy William Reilly, the vehicle veered off the road at Encinitas Boulevard and Vulcan Avenue, then, it flipped on its side.

The driver was transported to Scripps Hospital Encinitas.

None of the passengers were injured and there was no property damage except to the vehicle and shrubbery.

According to the Emergency Doctor, the driver died from congestive heart failure.

The Medical Examiner’s Office will follow up with the official cause of death.

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