Millions Embezzled From La Jolla Nightclub

Suspect is charged with grand theft

A 39-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday on suspect for embezzling $3 million from former nightclub Jack’s La Jolla.

Tara Moore, previously the Jack’s La Jolla bookkeeper, is accused of stealing millions from the nightclub that folded in 2009. The eating and drinking establishment was a landmark in La Jolla for many years.

The arrest comes after a year-long investigation and police believe the nightclub shut down because of the millions stolen.

More than $400,000 of antiques, furniture, paintings, silk curtains and other items purchased with the funds were seized when police served the warrant Wednesday morning.

But Moore's attorney Paul Pfingst says his client used her own money to keep Jack's afloat during tough financial years.

"She lost two million dollars,"Pfingst told NBCSanDiego.

Pfingst also presented thousands of pages of documents, including payroll checks and bank statements, which he claims vindicates Moore, who recently filed for bankruptcy.

"We have signed documents from the owner of Jack's acknowledging the fact that he owed her enormous amounts of money,"Pfingst said. "She is taking the fall for other people, with this restaurant running into the ground."

Moore has been charged with grand theft and is being held on $2.5 million bail at the San Diego County Jail.

She is set to be arraigned on Friday, but Pfingst believes prosecutors may drop the charges once they look through the evidence he provided to them.

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