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Chamber of Commerce Lists Ways to Keep Millennials Happy at Work

They surveyed 400 millennials around San Diego County

Nearly a fourth of the workforce in San Diego County consists of millennials. The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce wants employers to know how to make millennials the happiest at work. 

In a press conference Thursday, officials with the chamber revealed the findings of a study of nearly 400 millennials in San Diego County. 

The data shows that millennials are less likely to leave their organizations if they have a purpose-driven culture that gives them a sense of meaning as an employee. 

Over 30 percent of millennials considering leaving their jobs in the next six months cited a lack of meaning as a top factor of their disatisfaction in the workplace. 

"I want to contribute to the betterment of society," said Jamal Russell Black, a millennial and research analyst at the San Diego Workforce Partnership. 

Millennials also value job advancement, the study shows. Workers in this age range want to understand how they can professionally grow and develop within the workplace. Roughly 22 percent of millennials cited this as a top driver of workplace satisfaction

The study also showed that many millennials get fulfillment out of volunteering and are looking for ways to volunteer through their workplace. 

"When I'm presented with new professional opportunities I ask myself if this is something that could have a positive impact on people's lives," added Black. 

Only 5.8 percent of millennials said that perks, such as free lunch at work or kombucha on tap was a top driver of satisfaction in the workplace. 

With the high cost of living in San Diego County, many millennials say they simply can't afford to live here. 

"Our recommendation to public policy leaders is to find a way to incentivize more housing," said Sean Karafin, vice president of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. 

About 44 percent of San Diego millennials said they are likely to leave the county in the next two years due to a shortage of affordable housing options

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