Local Boot Camp Trainer Named Navy's Instructor of the Year

A local sailor has been honored as one the top Naval instructors of the year.

Chief Fire Controlman Derek Webb
Department of Defense

Chief Fire Controlman Derek Webb was selected as the Naval Service Training Command's 2019 Senior Enlisted Instructor of the Year for his work training eight graduating divisions and two Sea Cadet divisions, The U.S. Navy said.

Webb said the true honor is seeing recruits transform.

“It’s very rewarding to see these young recruits come from inprocessing in sweatsuits and see the transformation over time,” Webb said.

Webb, a San Diego native, has been a Recruit Division Commander for eight graduating divisions and a couple of Sea Cadet divisions.

He currently serves as a Recruit Division Commander, but will soon be back in San Diego to serve on USS Higgins.

Webb comes from a Navy family. His father is a retired senior chief.

“I love the Navy and everything the Navy is supposed to do and what it stands for,” he said.” Everyone joins for a reason."

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