Camp Pendleton

Family Sues Camp Pendleton Housing Contractor Over Mold in Home

NBCUniversal, Inc.

A family that once lived on Camp Pendleton is suing the base’s a military housing contractor, claiming the contractor exposed them to dangerous levels of mold in their home on base.

The lawsuit claims that despite complaints it took the contractor, Lincoln Military Housing, two years to address the dangerous mold. Over those three years, three of the family’s children were exposed and got sick multiple times, the lawsuit alleges.

The family even believes the mold exposure caused sever swelling one of their child’s left lymph node leading to a month-long hospital stay.

Three other lawsuits suits filed over mold claim the residents suffered "severe neurological damage.”

A statement from Lincoln Military Housing they read in part, "We are committed to fixing issues in a manner that puts the readiness of military families first. While we are not familiar with the particular facts of this case, we strongly deny these allegations and look forward to defending ourselves in a court of law."

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