San Diego

Military Family Kids Get Special Behind-the-Scenes SeaWorld Tour

Orca shows, roller coaster rides and sea turtle feedings were just some of the activities

It was a great day for 40 students from Dana Middle School: they got a behind-the-scenes tour of SeaWorld in San Diego!

The group was made up of mostly 5th and 6th graders, who are part of military families and have a parent deployed. 

"It was a lot of fun!" said Jakeem Braxton, 11. 

The kids were first invited to pet sea creatures like starfish and jellyfish. 

"The jellyfish were slimy and weird, but cool!" added Braxton. 

Next, students lined up to feed sea turtles. SeaWorld experts said this part of the tour was also a great way to teach the kids about conservation, and the effects pollution has on sea animals. 

"Turtles have always been my favorite animal since I was a little child," said Angel Melendez, 11. 

Melendez said the day was extra special because he got to spend it with his friends before his military family leaves to live in Washington state. 

Next stop was an orca show, where the large mammals performed tricks and splashed any students that opted to sit in the front row. 

“Whoever wanted to be splashed got splashed,” said Cameron Bugbee, 10. “I wanted to but I was kind of scared because of the anticipation of waiting. Then when it came I was like, ‘I’m so wet!’” 

The day was capped off with a ride on the Manta rollercoaster for any kids brave enough to endure the sharp turns and speed. 

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