Mike McCoy Might Be a Robot

Chargers head coach's bedside manner seems to be lacking

NBC 7’s Derek Togerson has an idea of what’s making the Chargers regress in this commentary

The Chargers host the Dolphins on Sunday in what (say it with me now) might be the last NFL game ever played at Qualcomm Stadium.

Before they worry about whether or not they ever get to play in San Diego again, I hope the Bolts focus on scoring a touchdown or eight.

The last time the Bolts got in the end zone at home was the second quarter of their Monday Night loss to the Bears, and it was the defense that did it! Cornerback Jason Verrett intercepted Jay Cutler and took it in for a touchdown.

The last time the offense scored something other than a field goal was the first quarter of that game when Danny Woodhead caught a TD pass from Philip Rivers. Since then it's been 11 quarters of football with 12 points scored at home.

So, priority one is score touchdowns. That should help with priority two, which is win for the home crowd. I don't think anyone has any idea what the vibe is going to be like at the Q on Sunday.

But I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of emotion. Alas that emotion is not going to come from head coach Mike McCoy. When asked about the prospect of the final home game after 47 years at Qualcomm Stadium, McCoy had a chance to prove he is not a cyborg.

He didn't do it.

“You know, I think you always, um … you know with the leaders we have,” stammered McCoy, “the opportunity to go out Sunday against a good football team at home, to go out there and win a game, that’s the big thing. Every opportunity you get in this game … you only get so many opportunities to go out and play so this is the next one so we’ve gotta go out there and, you know they had a great day of practice today, good meetings, they were in to it and everything and they understand the situation but we’re going out to win a football game. That’s what, as coaches and players, our number one focus is.”

And that, my good friends, is why Mike McCoy is not winning in the NFL. He is simply incapable of change. Even in a situation like this, charged with emotion, he could not deviate from the talking points.

All he had to say was something like, "I have no idea what's going to happen in the future but I understand the situation and, hopefully it's not, but if it is the last one we'd love nothing more than to send the fans home with a win."

Is that so difficult? For most people with normal human emotion no, it’s not. For this guy, apparently it is, and until it changes he is not going to be a successful NFL head coach.

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