Why Mike McCoy Is a Good Choice

Broncos Offensive Coordinator to take Bolts' head coaching job

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Three reasons why San Diego Chargers’ fans should be excited until proven otherwise with the new head coach, Mike McCoy.

1. Young But Proven

McCoy and Tom Telesco, the team’s new general manager, are both only 40 years old.

During his last four years as the Broncos’ offensive coordinator McCoy has had three quarterbacks: Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning.

Those three have very different styles to say the least, but McCoy managed to make two playoff appearances, one with a rookie QB who many said would never have success in the NFL, and the second with a future Hall-of-Fame QB coming off multiple neck surgeries.

What had worked for Tebow would absolutely not work for Manning.

McCoy not only managed to make the adjustments, but he created an offense that meshed well enough for back-to-back playoff appearances.

2. Broncos' Loss:

As a Chargers’ fan you have to be excited anytime the Broncos lose a weapon. And McCoy absolutely was one of head coach John Fox’s best weapons.

In 2012 the Broncos’ scored the second most points and the fourth most yards in the league. The Chargers were 20th and 31st respectively.

3. No Ripple Effect:

Since McCoy is a young offensive coordinator the chances he will keep coaches like defensive coordinator John Pagano are high.

Pagano and others have kept this organization afloat in the midst of unreached potential. So the probability of them staying is a good thing.

Here’s your recap:

He’s a young coach, has fresh ideas, but has proven that he knows how to adapt to personnel packages and bring out the best in his quarterbacks.

McCoy brings all the “potential” to turn this franchise into a playoff, even Super Bowl caliber team again.

But potential isn’t a ring and now Telesco, McCoy, and the rest of the Chargers’ franchise have the off-season to figure out how to turn that potential into actuality.

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