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Migrant Caravan Rests Before Continuing Journey to US-Mexico Border

Thousands of migrants were resting Sunday night to gear up for a long day Monday when they plan to start making their way again toward the U.S.-Mexico border.

The migrants spent Sunday resting Tapanatepec, a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico. They were washing their clothes, showering in the streets before they continue their journey Monday.

They plan to begin walking at 3 a.m. before it gets too hot and to walk as far as they can toward the U.S. border.

Many of the migrants in the caravan are from Honduras. NBC 7's Catherine Garcia has more on the history of the moving caravan.

It was still unknown if they are aiming for the border in California, Texas or New Mexico. 

The migrants said they are scared but at the same time, they say, there is no going back.

"If I can't get into the U.S., I am staying in Mexico," Maryuri Elizabet said. "I am not going back."

Images: A look Inside the Migrant Caravan

Maryuri is from Honduras. She is eight months pregnant and is due in less than three weeks. She is also traveling with her husband and 2-year-old son.

She said if she goes back to Honduras, she would always be afraid of violence and hunger.

Her family, like others, have been resting Sunday and recovering from the heat. 

The migrants plan to walk at least 25 miles Monday.

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