Mighty 1090 Permanently Off the Air

Popular local radio station stream is cut off

On April 10 the Mighty 1090, one of the most popular sports talk radio stations in Southern California, went off the air. At the time Broadcast Company of the Americas (BCA) was hoping the move would be temporary and moved its lineup to an online stream.

On Monday the streaming signal was cut permanently and Mighty 1090 is now officially gone. This is now the home page of the station’s official website:

1090 Website

The news was shared via Twitter by several hosts on the station.

Mighty 1090 had been enjoying an increase in ratings success of late.

Some people who work at the station say there was no word from BCA President Mike Glickenhaus prior to the stream being stopped.

The station was initially pulled off the air because of a dispute with the owners of the 50,000 watt broadcast tower that carries its signal. That tower is located in Mexico. Attempts to re-work a deal or find a new tower for the signal were unsuccessful.

Mighty 1090 was founded in 2003 and used to be home to San Diego Padres games. It was currently carrying San Diego Gulls games. There are two other full-time sports talk radio stations in town: 97.3 The Fan and XTRA Sports 1360. It is possible some of the shows could move to another entity.

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