Shots Fly Between Cars in Mid-City

Police say a passenger in one vehicle fired several rounds at another car, with a bullet grazing a person in the back seat

San Diego police were called to the Mid-City region Friday after receiving reports of shots fired in the area.

The investigation began around 1:30 p.m. at a shopping center in the 5900 block of University Avenue near University Square, the San Diego Police Department said.

Police say three men were in a black Lexus heading east on University Avenue. Just then, two men in a sedan pulled up and started firing a gun at the Lexus.

The vehicle was hit at least five times by the gunfire, police said. A passenger in the back seat suffered a graze wound to the shoulder.

An employee at one of the shops in the area told NBC 7 he saw three police cars in the parking lot, as well as police questioning shoppers, asking them if they has seen or heard anything.

The SDPD's gang unit is investigating the incident.

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