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Mexican Officials Look to Extend Partial Closure of US-Mexico Border Until August

The foreign secretary of Mexico said he is exploring with border governments on the extension of non-essential travel from July 21 to August

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Travel restrictions on the U.S., Mexico, and Canada borders could extend to August due to new coronavirus outbreaks, Marcelo Ebrard, foreign secretary of Mexico, said Friday.

The secretary said he is exploring with border governments, also mayoral on the extension of non-essential travel from July 21 to August, "Until there is a decline in the area, " he clarified.

"What we have is the southern states of the U.S., California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas on the rise (of coronavirus cases), so our perspective and the Mexican Secretary of Health is that it would be unwise right now to open because then what we're going to cause is an impact towards a respread," Ebrard announced during a morning conference from Mexico City.

Restrictions were imposed on recreational and tourist travel. Trade is unaffected. There are also no restrictions on persons traveling for work reasons or for essential activities.

The U.S. government partially closed the borders with Mexico and Canada on March 21, by mutual agreement. A closure that has been extended several times and is expected to reopen on July 21.

The U.S., Mexico and Canada have agreed to extend the closure of their shared borders for non-essential travel until next month.

The U.S. provided a long list of "essential" workers who are not affected by the restrictions, including agricultural employees, restaurants, grocery stores, and bus drivers.

In Tijuana, citizens are tired of waiting for the border to fully reopen as they depend on trade, recreation, and visits with relatives on the other side.

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