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$1.4M in Meth Seized in Ultralight Aircraft Drop Over Calexico: El Centro Sector Border Patrol

A metal cage and a bicycle were also found at the scene

Two people were arrested and nearly 130 pounds of meth was seized after El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents spotted an ultralight aircraft fly over the border Monday.

Agents noticed the ultralight flying without any lights just after midnight and were able to track its route just north of Calexico.

Ultralights are typically a one- or two-seated aircraft that cannot weigh more than 254 pounds and cannot travel more than 63 miles per hour, according to the Experimental Aircraft Association. In the U.S., ultralight pilots do not need a license.

The aircraft reportedly dropped off a package before flying back toward Mexico, according to El Centro Sector Border.

“Ultralight aircraft not only pose a threat to legitimate air traffic in the vicinity, but also to national security,” said Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez. “These aircraft are able to carry small payloads of dangerous cargo.”

When agents arrived at the scene, they found two bags containing 60 duct-taped bundles of meth lying under heavy brush, totaling 129.33 pounds, El Centro Sector Border Patrol said.

The agency estimated the packages’ value at $1,422,553.

Agents also found a metal cage and a bicycle at the scene.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol interviewed two people in the area and later arrested them on suspicion of trying to receive the dropped narcotics.

The Drug Enforcement Administration will continue to investigate.

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