San Diego

Membership Rate Increase at Local YMCA to Meet Minimum Wage Requirement

The minimum wage increase in the City of San Diego will impact the membership rates at the local YMCA, a spokesperson confirmed with NBC 7 on Monday.

San Diego's minimum wage went up to $11.50 per hour in January, which is lower than the state's minimum wage. 

Now, the YMCA, one of the largest employers in San Diego County said it has to raise membership rates by a couple of dollars to pay its employees the new wage.

But Courtney Pendleton, YMCA spokesperson said the change does not impact other costs.

"The benefit to being a member is you get a discount on different programs, whether it be youth programs or maybe gymnastics classes," Pendleton said. "All of those are extra within the YMCA. Those prices remain the same.”

Fees will be increased at different times at YMCA locations across the county. The amount of fee hike depends on what type of membership you have.

The YMCA employees approximately 5,000 people in the county. 

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