Lotto Ticket Sold in La Jolla Wins $185K

The MEGA Millions Ticket was purchased by a lucky winner at a liquor store on Pearl Street

A lottery ticket sold at a liquor store in La Jolla just earned one lucky winner a prize worth nearly $185,000.

According to the California Lottery press office, a winning ticket was sold at Dick’s Liquor located at 737 Pearl St. to local homemaker Lisa Orviss.

In Friday night’s MEGA Millions drawing, the local lotto ticket successfully matched five out of six numbers – 47, 37, 8, 44 and 48 – missing only the MEGA number of 27.

Orviss' husband checked the tickets and told her, “We won,” to which she replied, “NO!” They headed back to Dick’s Liquor and their win was confirmed, a prize of $184,845.

On Saturday morning, Dick’s Liquor employee Adam Barno told NBC 7 that nobody had come into the store to claim their prize. Orviss came in later that day.

Barno said regulars who normally buy lottery tickets there had been checking in all morning to see if they won. Barno said he had also been texting a few people that he knows bought their tickets for Friday’s drawing at the La Jolla location.

Orviss said she’s been buying her lottery tickets at the La Jolla liquor store for years and the staff was very happy about her big win.

“They are great people and they were so excited for us,” Orviss told California Lottery reps.

To his knowledge, Barno told NBC 7 this is the first time a winning ticket has been purchased at Dick’s Liquor. He said the whole thing is pretty exciting for the store and hopes it brings in more customers.

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