Meet Cabrillo, Our New Hero

Cabrillo's the newest hero in town, and he’s getting a special recognition for his lifesaving efforts.

The 2-year-old Portuguese water dog was presented with a special honorary Fire Dog award Tuesday, along with a box of doggie treats and a lifesaving certificate from the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.
On April 2, Cabrillo woke up his owner after the dog heard strange noises and smelled smoke coming from a neighbor’s home. His owner saw the flames and immediately called 911. Fire crews quickly got to the scene. Now they are hailing Cabrillo as a hero.
"Without doubt, this dog's intervention allowed us to get here on one got hurt and we were able to keep (the fire) from spreading to any other properties, "said Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Carle.
Cabrillo will also be given a close up tour of a fire engine, sitting in it as part of his honorary fire-dog duties.  
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