Pot Foes and Medical Marijuana Advocates Team Up to Oppose Prop 64

In an unlikely alliance, pot foes and medical marijuana advocates are speaking out together, against Prop 64.

Even though recent polls show Prop 64 has a wide majority, there is some push back from groups who argue the measure is not about pot, but about money.

Anti-recreational marijuana activists and supporters of medical marijuana came together on Federal Boulevard in a conference Friday, to voice their opposition to Proposition 64 -- the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM Action), an organization that promotes healthy marijuana policies that do not legalize drugs, teamed up with medical marijuana advocates from across California in a display of unity against recreational marijuana use.

Although members of SAM Action support medical marijuana, they claim that recreational use is a whole different ball game that will open a new set of problems.

One speaker included Dr. Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., a former senior policy advisor at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy under President Obama, and the current head of SAM Action.

"Prop 64 would legalize the advertising of marijuana with candies like gummies and chocolates," said Sabet at the conference. "Today's marijuana is not the marijuana that it used to be-it's much stronger than it was."

Sabet was joined by Darryl Cotton, a leader in the 151 farming movement, which grows five pounds of food for every pound of marijuana. There is no GMO marijuana production or retail sales in 151 farming.

Those in favor of prop 64 argue it will bring more revenue to the state of California. In case the measure passes, local municipalities like the city of Poway are searching for ways to impose temporary bans on the measure.

"There are other municipalities that have said, hey let's tax this and make some money, but in Poway there's things that are more important than money," said Steve Vaus, the mayor of Poway.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, several other cities across the County have already approved similar emergency ordinances to temporarily ban marijuana, in case the proposition passes.

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