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Med Spa Stays Open to Offer Telemedicine and Vitamin Cocktails During Pandemic

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Most businesses have been forced to close by the county due to the coronavirus pandemic, but an Encinitas medical spa is staying open to help people fight off the disease.

While the American Medical Spa Association has advised all spas to close, Image Spa MD in Encinitas is open for patients who would like virtual appointments and even vitamin injections.

The business is pausing cosmetic procedures and ramping up different treatments for people concerned about their health risks during the pandemic instead.

Doctor Rebecca Rodriguez is taking calls from people who want to discuss coronavirus symptoms or need more information about testing. The med spa is also offering a menu of vitamin cocktails or IV treatments that range in price from $30 to $300.

“So there are many people that are Vitamin D deficient. Sometimes their medications can cause vitamin or nutrient deficiencies and, let's be real, a lot of the grocery stores are not having enough for the fresh foods that we're going to need for the nutrients and vitamins each day,” said Rodriguez.

But how much of a difference does a potentially expensive treatment really make?

San Diego based clinical nutritionist Tara Coleman told NBC 7 it’s a great addition to someone’s regimen but it can’t be the only thing one relies on. The fundamentals of sufficient sleep and nutrient food should be the basis of one’s routine, Coleman said.

“Did I skip eating vegetables and now I’m only eating frozen pizza. So this is your first step and supplements on top of that I think are fantastic,” said Coleman. “If this is not realistic for you, please do not think this is the silver bullet that will keep you safe. There are a lot of other wonderful things you could be doing.”

The vitamin injections can help, though, for people who have trouble getting the nutrients they need from food because of digestive issues or lack of access to quality food.

“We're here to serve the community. We’re community helpers and I think as primary care doctors, we have it all in ourselves to really just be out there and help people. And so that's the driving force,” said Rodriguez.

As far as following CDC guidelines, Rodriguez said they are limiting the number of people who enter the office at once, sanitizing the equipment and screening patients before they are seen in an appointment.

Rodriguez told NBC 7 the med spa is averaging 20-40 calls a day. To start the appointment process, call 844-863-9968. Health insurance is not required.

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