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Local Meals on Wheels Receives Largest Donation Ever

The organization feeds 3,300 senior citizens around San Diego County each year

Thanks to a generous donation of $4.5 million, Meals on Wheels San Diego County will be able to feed even more senior citizens. 

The charity organization gives seniors hot meals, which cost an average of $8 each. 

“Seniors get two meals a day and a beverage,” said Debbie Case, President/CEO of Meals on Wheels San Diego County. “It’s delivered by our volunteers, all 3,200 of them over the course of the year.” 

It allows millions around the country to stay in their homes instead of relocating to a nursing facility, according to the organization's website. Meals on Wheels helps to combat hunger, isolation, and loss of independence in seniors. 

The McKinney family, which has contributed large sums to other organizations as well recently, was responsible for the donation. 

"We asked Meals on Wheels what they needed and to dream big because this year we wanted to make some impactful gifts," said Molly Schulze, one of three McKinney daughters in the family. 

The money will give the organization stability. Meals on Wheels San Diego County has been around for 58 years. With the money, they'll be able to stick around for another 58 years. 

"This donation really is something we will be able to survive on," added Case. "Whether the economy is doing well or taxes change or another donor goes away, we'll still have that safety net." 

The local Meals on Wheels headquarters was named after the family Tuesday in honor of the donation. 

“It’s been very important to our parents for many years,” said Norinne McKinney, one of the sisters. “We have such a respect and need for Meals on Wheels. Our seniors are very important to the community.” 

The organization feeds 3,300 senior citizens around San Diego County each year.

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