Mayor Filner Appears at Trolley Ceremony

Mayor Bob Filner appeared at groundbreaking ceremony to kick-off construction on the trolley's Blue Line on Thursday.

A swarm of media was at the area, as Filner has he's missed several public appearances since he was accused of sexually harassing multiple women.

Special Section: Mayor Under Fire

NBC 7 San Diego asked what he makes of the sexual harassment allegations against him. Filner replied saying he wants due process to fully play out, and that a fair procedure is underway.

Still, the Mayor dodged most media questions – the once-talkative mayor now silent.

There was a lot of attention on the mayor Thursday because with three alleged victims have gone public, but not a lot of answers from him.

Mayor Filner said he wants a fair chance to defend himself, but that's all he voiced to media.

Others at the event did not want to comment.

"I don't express an opinion on things that I don't know,” said Harry Mathis, chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Service board of directors. “I’m going to pass any judgment here. It's not my place."

NBC 7 San Diego put in a request to speak with the Mayor's new chief-of-staff, a woman, but did not hear back from Bob Filner's office.

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