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Mayor Faulconer Pushes for Affordable Housing in Sacramento

There is a lack of sufficient housing across the economic spectrum in San Diego

Mayor Kevin Faulconer went to California's capital Wednesday with a group of mayors to push for affordable housing in San Diego.

In Sacramento, Faulconer spoke with the governor and state legislators about the strong need for more affordable living spaces. All the mayors from California's 11 largest cities discussed the housing crisis with the governor.

"I think to see all the mayors coming today with one sole topic -- which is focused on affordable housing -- is hugely important, not only with the Governor but the other members of the legislature," said Faulconer.

Currently, there aren't enough housing units to serve San Diego's growing population. According to a recent study by the Chamber of Commerce, the housing crisis will continue to worsen by 2020.

Developers need to push through lots of red tape and bureaucratic processes to start building new houses, said Faulconer.

The Atmosphere housing complex is one of the newest, affordable housing complexes in San Diego, according to a study by the Chamber of Commerce. Lots of these types of buildings are needed.

Faulconer said he joined Mayors from across the state with a shared goal in mind. That is to get help from the state with regulations on surrounding construction for housing units.

A report from the Chamber of Commerce has highlighted a desperate need to provide more housing across the economic spectrum in San Diego.

Unless there are plans to build more houses, the report estimates that low-income, working-class and upper-middle-class family homes should be scarce.

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