Mayor, Councilwoman Open New Point Loma Fire Station

Fire Station 22 is on Catalina Boulevard

Under the watchful eye of Robert Delgado’s colorful new mural “The Firefighters,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Councilwoman Lorie Zapf officially opened the eighth new or refurbished fire station in San Diego since the mayor took office in 2014.

New Fire Station 22, on the same site as the old one built in 1942, is a 6,180-square-foot facility that includes two vehicle bays, a redesigned driveway that reduces traffic disruption, six dorm rooms, a commercial kitchen and a solar installation to help power the facility and contribute to the city’s climate actions plan goals of the city.

“The opening of new stations is becoming a regular occurrence,” the mayor said at the opening. “This new fire station, 22 here in Point Loma is the fourth new station to open since I took office because we’ve made it a priority.”

Since 2015, three other new stations have opened, including City Heights, Little Italy and Mission Valley, Station have also been renovated in La Jolla, Mira Mesa, North Park and Southcrest.

“After … 60 years close to seven decades, this didn’t need just a facelift, it needed a complete redo,” Councilwoman Zapf, who represents Point Loma, said. “I’m just thrilled to be here to see a concrete example of putting our first responders first, making them a top priority.”

The fire station, Faulconer said, was designed to protect firefighters from the carcinogens they are exposed to on the job. The facility has locker rooms that keep their firefighting gear away from their living quarters and separate washing machines, including one that will only be used to clean the gear of harmful substances.

“New fire stations are just one of the ways we are looking to boost public safety in the neighborhoods that need it the most,” Faulconer added.

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