Mayor Calls For More Affordable Housing in San Diego

Mayor lays out plan for the San Diego housing market

Mayor Kevin Faulconer held a news conference Wednesday calling for city council to increase housing supply while lowering housing development costs. 

The Mayor proposed that the city council adopt code changes that would give incentives to developers to build more affordable, smaller units in the San Diego housing market. 

Mayor Faulconer, speaking from the new North Park Senior Apartments, said these code changes would cut red tape and address the lack of affordable housing for many San Diegans. 

"When 47% of the cost of building a house is government regulation and red tape, we gotta be able to cut that at least in half and bring some of the cost down," City Council Member Scott Sherman said.

City Council members Georgette Gomez along with housing advocates were also at the conference in a display of bi-partisan support.

According to the mayor, his "Housing SD" plan helps to promote what he calls "smart growth." 

A recent survey shows that 60 percent of San Diegans can't afford to buy a house at the median home cost for the county, which is more than $500,000.

San Diego is considered by some measurements to be one of the least affordable markets in the county. 

To combat this, Mayor Faulconer wants to make updates to the Land Development Code and ease regulations for more live-work units as well as streamline the development review process. 

The North Park Senior Apartments complex is not only being touted as affordable housing for seniors and homeless individuals. Mayor Faulconer added that it is, "San Diego’s first LGBT affirming community center to provide a supportive environment for LGBT seniors."

He continued that it is, "A great example of what we need more of throughout the entire city.”

The City Council will consider the mayor's proposals on March 6. 

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