City Leaders Mum on Mayor Filner Negotiation

Inside mediation, Filner sat on one end of long table with Goldsmith on the opposite end, source tells NBC 7

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner returned to the negotiation table Tuesday in his mediation with city leaders, none of whom would reveal specifics on what they were discussing.

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City Council President Todd Gloria and Councilmember Kevin Faulconer and City Attorney Jan Goldsmith joined the mediation session inside the high-rise building on West Broadway.

While several intimated the proceedings were going well, they cited a request from retired federal Judge Lawrence Irving as a reason for not revealing specifics.

"We're in mediation right now but as soon as we have something we can share, I'll definitely come out and talk to you," Gloria said.

"We're not going to be talking about the specifics at this point which are ongoing, but when there is something, I'll certainly let you know,” Faulconer said.

On Monday, NBC 7 San Diego has learned the negotiation is taking place inside a conference room at Butz Dunn & DeSantis.

Mayor Filner sat on one end of a long conference table facing City Attorney Goldsmith who sat at the other end. The two men who have had a long public feud sat at polar opposites of the table according to one source.

Amid increasing calls for him to resign, Mayor Filner was spotted in San Diego Monday for the first time since he announced he would enter a two-week intensive treatment program Aug. 5.

Filner's staff reported that the mayor entered the treatment a week early and finished the program on Aug. 10. They have not disclosed the location of the facility or the disorder for which Filner sought treatment.

Filner has not addressed the city or his constituents about a number of sexual harassment allegations and other claims that have surfaced since he was last seen July 26.

Among the allegations, that he misused his city-issued credit card and may have misused city funds for a trip to Paris in June.

City Attorney Goldsmith has said that Mayor Filner would be “given an out.”

After Tuesday's mediation session, Goldsmith told local media that he would not comment on the day's mediation.

On Monday, attorney Gloria Allred and her client Irene McCormack Jackson were part of the mediation.

McCormack Jackson, the mayor’s former communications director, filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment during the six months she worked with Mayor Filner.

After she aired her experiences with the mayor, more than a dozen other women have come forward and shared stories of Bob Filner making unwanted sexual advances either as mayor or congressman.

It's expected that the Democratic National Committee will ask members to vote on a resolution demanding that Filner resign as a follow up on the recent statement by Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The members will meet in Scottsdale, Ariz on Friday.

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