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‘May Gray' is Trying to Ruin Your Memorial Day Weekend Plans, Beachgoers Won't Let it

It's worth noting that while the skies are gray, there won't be any rain this weekend. So, don't cancel your Memorial Day weekend plans just yet

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The Memorial Day holiday is known as the unofficial start of summer but San Diego's weather has, apparently, decided it won't be participating this year.

Instead, San Diegans can expect a heavy dose of "May Gray" for their long holiday weekend.

"Our same weather pattern continues. There's really nothing to break it up," NBC 7 Meteorologist Sheena Parveen said.

Despite the strong "May Gray" this year, locals are still having fun this Memorial Day weekend, NBC 7's Joe Little reports.

That weather pattern, Parveen explains, starts with a thick marine layer in the morning stretching inland to our mountains. By the afternoon, the marine layer tries to thin out and some (if you're lucky) sunshine pokes through. But by the evening, it's back in full force and the cycle repeats.

"This weather pattern is going to last through the weekend," she adds.

They gray skies will likely last even longer.

Despite the unusually strong May Gray, visitors were still overjoyed with the unusual weather.

“May and June, these are the months in San Diego County where we typically see the most marine layer and the least amount of sun, so that’s what you’re looking here, percent of sunshine is going to be the lowest on average for the months of May and June."

It's worth noting that while the skies are gray, there won't be any considerable rain this weekend. So, don't cancel your Memorial Day weekend plans, when dozens of events will be held to honor those who died in service to the United States.

Coronado beach shorelines were looking relatively empty this Memorial Day weekend.

"Now as far as anyone wanting it to be sunny and warm this weekend, that's not really going to happen," Parveen said.

Beachgoers won't let that stop them, though. San Diego Fire-Rescue Lifeguards are gearing up for hundreds of thousands of people at San Diego beaches and San Diego police will be out in force to keep everyone safe and for anyone breaking the rules.

Temperatures will remain about 5 to 15 degrees below average for this time of year in most parts of the county. The exceptions are in the mountains, where there will be glimmers of sunshine, and in the deserts, where it'll reach the low 90s on Memorial Day.

Maybe all we San Diegans need is some perspective from an out-of-towner like Andrew Kerns.

”Oh, it’s good weather. It’s already 100 [degrees] in Arizona so to me, this is good weather," Kerns said.

Volunteers took time this Memorial Day weekend to honor military service members who died while serving their country.
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NBC 7's Sheena Parveen explains the marine layer and how it contributes to gloomy conditions in the spring and early summer.
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