Suspect in Multi-State Pot Ring Arrested Again

A San Diego man who recently bailed out of jail after his arrest in connection with a multi-state marijuana ring was in custody again hours later.

Matthew Schneider, 28, of San Diego was taken into custody Thursday, accused of possession of marijuana for sale. He had posted $150,000 bail just hours earlier.

Prosecutors claim Schneider and two other men – brothers Kyle Gillen, 25, and Chris Gillen, 24 - were allegedly shipping marijuana to customers across the U.S. using the U.S. Postal Service.

Investigators began monitoring packages of money being sent through the mail. That led them to an alleged crime ring netting up to $30,000 a week shipping illegal drugs across the country.

New Thursday, law enforcement officers said they arrested a fourth suspect in the case. Mitchell Morris, 24, will face charges along with Schneider and the Gillens police said. Those charges may include money laundering, cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale and conspiracy.

Investigators also served a search warrant on a home in the 900-block of Hornblend where they found 30 pounds of marijuana believed to be intended for distribution on the East Coast.

At that same loaction, officers arrested yet another man who has not been identified for possession of hashish oil and cocaine. Investigators say the man may not be directly connected with the alleged marijuana ring.

Investigators with search warrants reported finding 400 marijuana plants in a Midway area warehouse on May 29.

They also found weapons, ammunition, cars and cash.

The Gillens are local college students who are originally from New Jersey, where much of the marijuana was allegedly being shipped.

Chris Gillen was still in custody Thursday. Kyle Gillen watched as San Diego police towed his car from a parking lot at Mission and Felspar Thursday.

Kyle Gillen had also posted $150,000 bail Wednesday. His attorney told NBC 7 San Diego that his client was attacked in jail and that "non-violent offenders are treated the same as violent criminals" in the San Diego jail.

This, the attorney said, at a time when society is changing its view about marijuana.

If convicted the men face up to 10 years in prison.

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