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Masks Are Making a Comeback in San Diego County

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Since the delta variant has begun spreading, many San Diegans are putting a mask on again.

“We decided to wear the mask because we feel better and more comfortable,” San Diegan William Chaves said.

San Diego County has seen an increase in daily COVID-19 cases along with the delta variant spreading which is leading to some residents deciding to wear a mask again.

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, masks are effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus, and one reason why people NBC 7 spoke with said they are continuing to wear a mask.

According to San Diego County, 69% of San Diegans are fully vaccinated.

Some fully vaccinated San Diegans said they are beginning to wear a mask again because of the increase in cases in the area, despite being vaccinated.

“I usually wear a mask when I’m inside or even when I’m outside but around a crowd of people but when I’m outside and the people are dispersed, I feel safe without it, also I’m vaccinated,” Bianca Dominic said.

Some people NBC 7 spoke with said they will continue to wear a mask indefinitely because it offers them an extra sense of protection.

On Friday, San Diego County and Human Services Agency urged residents to get their COVID-19 vaccines immediately as the region experiences what they described as a “significant spike” in cases.

The county’s Communications Office issued the urgent message to San Diegans along with the announcement of 1,264 new virus cases – the most reported since Feb. 5.

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