‘Masketeers' Donate Thousands of Masks to Health Care Workers

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A volunteer group in San Diego is donating thousands of masks to health care workers and military service members.

Times are hard, but despite the coronavirus, the “San Diego Masketeers” have found their purpose. They make masks for those who need it most.

“San Diego Masketeer” founder Jennie Bradach says it’s her way of serving the country.

“America has done a lot for me and I just feel like it’s a time for me to help the community,” Bradach says.

She says when she moved to the United States from Vietnam 12 years ago, she felt like a stranger.

But two kids and one husband later, she says America is her home.

So when her bridal store was ordered to shut down last month she decided to use her equipment to help those on the frontlines.

Jennie Bradach/NBC 7

At the time, the CDC approved cloth masks were a last resort for health care workers and San Diego nurses were rallying for more personal protective equipment.

Bradach decided to use the sewing equipment from her store to help those in need on the frontline.

“There are nurses that are calling me crying saying this is too much I’m overwhelmed,” Bradach told NBC 7.

Within days, thousands of dollars were donated and 60 volunteers offered to help.

They decided to call themselves the “San Diego Masketeers.”

san diego masketeers collage of photos
San Diego Masketeers/NBC 7

Anh Tran is in charge of getting the masks to hospitals.

“It’s a need that I can help,” says Tran.

So far the group has handmade more than 10,000 masks and sent them throughout the country. All they ask for in return are pictures of them being put to use.

It’s not just health care workers. The military has asked for them too. They have received many thank you cards in return.

For the volunteers the appreciation is priceless.

“Everyone should get together, united,” says Bradach.

If you would like to join the group or donate, visit their Facebook page.

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