Married SDPD Officers Sought Drugs to Sell From 12 Doctors: Search Warrant

A newly obtained search warrant provides new details about two married San Diego police officers accused of unlawfully selling and administering hydrocodone.

The search warrant indicates Jennifer Charpentier, 41, and Bryce Charpentier, 32, had allegedly sought prescriptions to sell from 12 different doctor’s offices from La Mesa to Poway. The officers were arrested on suspicion of felony charges last month.

Jennifer Charpentier had obtained seven different drugs in 71 prescriptions from seven different doctors and then filled those prescriptions at 17 different pharmacies, according to the search warrant.

Husband Bryce Charpentier went as far as Oakhurst near Yosemite to fill his prescriptions and used six different doctors and 79 prescriptions, the search warrant alleges.

The couple used 10 of the same pharmacies, according to the warrant.

Within hours of posting bond and being released from jail, Bryce Charpentier is accused of trying to fill another prescription. A pharmacist then alerted San Diego police.

The case came to light after a confidential drug informant alerted investigators that the Charpentiers had supplied the informant with drugs, according to the warrant.

The Charpentiers were charged June 12 with two felonies each, one for selling and furnishing a controlled narcotic substance and another for possession of firearm by a felon or addict. The criminal complaint against them alleges that the defendants are addicted to opiates.

They have pleaded not guilty to the charges, and deny the accusations. A hearing to check their readiness for trial is scheduled for next Friday.

The Charpentiers have also been placed on leave from the San Diego Police Department, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.

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